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Stern Studio Gallery, Vienna | February/March 2017

With generous support from Culture Ireland Walking slowly is not a measure or matter of speed, it creates a space for hesitation which produces new modes of relating. The pace at which Colman walks asks questions about what might happen if we could learn with the world, rather than about it.

Thinking-in-movement infers that we become open to stimuli we cannot fully represent. This then fuels his imagination and is translated through paint - colour, shape, line and composition.

Throughout art history, the horizon line in landscape painting has been explored traditionally, delineating the sky from the land, adding perspective and depth onto a two-dimensional substrate. Whilst this representation is translated in paint, and from three dimensions to two dimensions, it is but an illusion. The theme running through this new body of work encompasses Colman's fascination with the horizon line and his interest in how this can be reimagined through different modes of seeing and experiencing nature.

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