Three new exhibitions at Oriel Q gallery

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Oriel Q gallery review
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Three new exhibitions at Oriel Q gallery

Observer April 4, 2014

Eamon Colman was born in Dublin in 1957, and has been a full-time painter over 30 years and has held over 30 solo exhibitions within Ireland and internationally.

He came to prominence in the early 1980s with his distinctive use and detailed layering of colour and shapes which evoke landscape. He is a walker who adopts an anthropologically  and ethnographic approach to his work, exploring landscape and places of pilgrimage when he walked to the source of the Ganges River in Nepal or white water rafted down the Colorado River, living with a native American Indian en-route.

His intention is to give voice to an encounter, portraying subjects such as snoring owls, trees rivers, snow, rain, memory and time, and to that which bares the trace of human significance, as an imprint of a culture through the use of paint and colour.

This exhibitions shows new work and captures the essence of the wonder of our natural environment. His painting has the ability to lift your spirit and experience pure joy by just standing in front of one of his glorious compositions.